Chuckleberry Community Farm

Who is the farmer at Chuckleberry Community Farm?
Jon Scott.

What do you grow?
Year round we grow Microgreens (Daikon, Sunflower, Pea) Kale and Spinach. In Season we grow Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Sweet Keeper Squash, Zucchini, Beans, and Yams.

How would you describe your farm operation?
Chuckleberry is a community of inspired individuals endeavoring to live their lives guided by Spirit and dedicated to sharing in the fruits of life, lived consciously. We work together operating an off-grid Kootenay Mountain Grown/Biodynamic farm and annualized Geo Solar Greenhouse, providing Micro greens and produce year round to the restaurants and retailers in the Nelson community and surrounding areas. We are supported by interns and wwoofers drawn to similar models of living.

Why did you decide to become a farmer?
Becoming an farmer came through a spiritual vision of a new earth, where there would be a radical shift in human consciousness, and where we could return to our true nature, living in sustainable conscious intentional communities. Out of this insight, the building of an off-grid, self heated, self powered earth roofed greenhouse and community center with surrounding gardens and orchard has been created, in alignment with what was shown. The community has been established for fourteen years and we began the creation of the farm four years ago.

Why is local food important to you?
Local food is the most basic under pinning of a sane, natural way of life that supports healthy, and self-empowered communities, that are clear where their nourishment is coming from.

What are some of your greatest joys?
Some of my greatest joys are in seeing the spiritual/emotional evolution of those involved at Chuckleberry and influenced by our conscious health-inspired farm life as well as the great connections that happen between people who meet here.

How about challenges?
I find the greatest challenge to be in navigating the financial aspects involved in supporting the operations.

What is your vision for the farm?
My vision for Chuckleberry is to generate a place of thriving abundance to blossom, on many levels from maintaining a local high quality food production system, to the spiritual awakening and ever deepening development of all those involved.

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