Wild Mountain Chocolate

Glen and Helen Davies are the owners of Wild Mountain Chocolate, a bean to bar chocolate manufacturer in Invermere. They make their bars completely from scratch, starting with sourcing and roasting their own organic cocoa beans.

Who are the makers at Wild Mountain Chocolate?
Glen and Helen Davies

Where are you located?
Invermere, BC

What do you make?
Bean to Bar Chocolate

How would you describe your company?
Wild Mountain Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate manufacturer which means we make chocolate from scratch rather than using a big chocolate producer’s chocolate liquor.

Did you know that different cocoa beans from different places of origin have different flavours? By sourcing and roasting our own cocoa beans we have complete control over the flavour of the finished chocolate bar and, importantly, control over what gets added to product during the process.

Our “plain” chocolate bars, which are anything but plain, each have a different flavour due to the origin of our cocoa beans. We also ensure that our product is as pure as it can be. We do not use soy lecithin or any other production aids that are typically used in the industry to keep costs down, because these additives are not in line with our values.

What motivated you to start?
A desire to help drive change motivated us to start Wild Mountain Chocolate. We watched a documentary on labour and farming practices in the West Africa cocoa industry and were literally shocked into action. How do you drive meaningful change in big corporations? Through their pockets. We thought if we could share pure, organic, ethically-sourced chocolate with the consumer, we could drive a proportion of their business away which could then inspire them to force change within their supply chains.

What are some of your greatest joys?
We get to share a lot of chocolate with people, which is always fun. We especially enjoy sharing our chocolate with people with food allergies. Often people with allergies have difficulty finding chocolate that they can eat, and the pleasure and excitement that our chocolate generates is heart-warming.

What are some of your greatest challenges?
Packaging! It sounds crazy but trying to find packaging which is environmentally responsible and fits within all aspects of the business from production to being able to display on-shelf is a challenge.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members/customers, what would it be?
Thank you for your warm welcome to your store, and for choosing ethical chocolate!

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