New True Local Suppliers!

It’s always exciting to bring new True Local suppliers to the diverse lineup at your Co-op. Our community is filled with passionate + skilled people and these new additions are no exception!

Skattebo Acres

Nestled on the shores of the Kootenay River in Glade, Skattebo Acres is located at the long time home of Glade Valley Gardens. As a family run farm of 1st generation farmers, their attention to detail and dedication to strengthening our local food system is inspiring. You can find their nutrient packed organic microgreens in produce all winter long!



Harmony Hill Basil Farm

Harmony Hill, with their farm in Winlaw, have been supplying local restaurants with fresh basil for the past 12 years. When COVID came along, they pivoted to pesto, and now you can purchase locally made pesto from the same farmers who grow the basil! Find Harmony Hill Pesto in our Produce coolers and take make your next pasta night True Local!