Salt Spring Sea Salt

Salt Spring Sea Salt is a stunning fleur de sel – lovingly crafted by Philippe and Carolyn on Salt Spring Island. They harvest, evaporate, sift, prepare, pack + label all their products by hand – recipe creation and creative salt infusions are done by them too!

Fleur de sel is a game changer when it comes to adding flavour to your meals.

Try the following fleur de sel infusions:

  • add rosemary garlic in your next greek salad or on your roasted potatoes – or as Jenn, our Staff Pick above states “put the rosemary garlic on anything – sometimes I just eat it straight from the bag”
  • add the lemon zest to your avocado toast
  • top your fresh bruschetta with the balsamic
  • sprinkle the chocolate or blackberry over your favourite vanilla ice cream
  • salt the rim of your glass with the jalapeno lime for a truly outstanding margarita

Follow the link below to visit their website, and learn about what makes fleur de sel special, how to apply it and most importantly, some outstanding recipe inspirations. Find Salt Spring Sea Salt in your Co-op deli and on sale all month long.

Visit website here!