Calling All Aspiring Farmers + Vegetable Enthusiasts

Imagine a job where you get to work with your hands, get a little bit dirty, learn about vegetable growing, contribute to local food security and feel so very satisfied with your days work.  All that is possible with some … Read more >>

Lettuce Remain Calm

Thoughts on the cost of food…

You may have noticed the recent increases in romaine and green + red leaf lettuce pricing from $4.99/lb to $5.99/lb, and wondered what could be causing this? The answer is complex, as it’s the … Read more >>

Salt Spring Sea Salt

Salt Spring Sea Salt is a stunning fleur de sel – lovingly crafted by Philippe and Carolyn on Salt Spring Island. They harvest, evaporate, sift, prepare, pack + label all their products by hand – recipe creation and creative salt … Read more >>

True Local Spotlight on Sunshine Valley Farms

Meet Patrick Bartel of Sunshine Valley Farms. Located in beautiful Lister, BC, his family farm supplies organic and free range eggs to our Co-op and throughout the Kootenays. As third generation farmers, the Bartels bring experience and passion to … Read more >>