Behind the Scenes: Our Produce Section Gets Re-stocked!

It takes a village to re-fill the entire produce department in a jiffy!

In November 2021, atmospheric rivers impacting the Lower Mainland in BC resulted in flooding and highways broken under the weight of massive landslides. Then for weeks, while … Read more >>

DYI snacks: Quick + Easy Protein Bites

Snacks get us through the day, power our adventures, and keeps the kiddos happy in the car. The trick is to make sure our snacks are as nutritionally dense as they are delicious.

Enter the mighty protein bite, packed with … Read more >>

Community Giving: Organization Of the Month

Kootenay Kids

/ Strong Families Support Strong Communities

Every month, your Co-op features a different local organization at our tills and all till donations from that month go directly to that group. In september 2021, this organization was Kootenay KidsRead more >>

Giving Tree Holiday Gift Cards

Every year in December, your Co-op selects a local organization to receive our seasonal Giving Tree donations. In 2021, all proceeds from the Giving Tree were donated to Kootenay Food – who was also our Organization of the Month. Every … Read more >>

How To: Grow Sprouts at Home

Ready to try your hand at sprouting? Just start with these tips and see how your mini-garden grows. These tiny greens are full of vitamins + micronutrients and are easy to grow at home. Growing sprouts is possible all year … Read more >>

Behind The Scenes: In House Bakery

🎥 The making of the famous Paris-Brest dessert ❤️

🎄 A Holiday Special, the Paris-Brest is made in house by our talented Bee, the Lead Baker at our Co-op. Watch him whip up this decadent treat featuring a crisp, hazelnut-studded … Read more >>

Our Season of Giving _ December 2021

Each December your Co-op donates vitamins + supplements, fresh food, and pantry staples to a variety of organizations in our communities. This year was made slightly more challenging as the flooding and shipping delays coincided with the timing of these … Read more >>

Kale + Mint Salad

Anytime of the year you can find kale and fresh mint in stock, make sure to try this delicious recipe!

Kale really shines as a winter green, somehow more satisfying + cozier than it’s lettuce counterpart. With the added boost … Read more >>