Behind The Scenes: In House Bakery

🎥 The making of the famous Paris-Brest dessert ❤️

🎄 A Holiday Special, the Paris-Brest is made in house by our talented Bee, the Lead Baker at our Co-op. Watch him whip up this decadent treat featuring a crisp, hazelnut-studded baked ring of choux pastry, and filled with a delightful cream center that will make your heart rise. Elegant and delicious – perfect for any holiday gathering with friends + family.

Did you know that this legendary cake had reportedly been created back in 1910 by a French pastry chef to commemorate the legendary bicycle race Paris-Brest-Paris . A long distance circuit of 1,200km 🚴. Hence the cake being shaped like a bicycle wheel.

Check out the video capturing the making of this dessert!