How To: Grow Sprouts at Home

Ready to try your hand at sprouting? Just start with these tips and see how your mini-garden grows. These tiny greens are full of vitamins + micronutrients and are easy to grow at home. Growing sprouts is possible all year long and especially handy during the winter months when there are very few fresh greens in season.

1) soaking

Add 2 Tbsp of small seeds (alfalfa, radish, daikon) or 1/3 cup of large seeds (mung beans, chickpeas) in the wide-mouth jar. Rinse with water to allow seeds to swell. Affix your sprouting lid or screen. Once seeds have swelled (check out the cheat sheet below), pour water out of the jar through the screen.

2) sprouting

Place the jar away from sunlight upside down and on an angle (it helps to have the jar tipped inside a round bowl) to allow the excess water to drain out and air to circulate. Rinse twice daily!

3) harvesting

Your sprouts are ready for snacking after 2- 3 days! For leafier sprouts, grow for up to 5 days. Always rinse your sprouts before eating and enjoy them on a sandwich, stir-fry or pizza. There are endless possibilities.

4) storing

Well-drained sprouts should keep in the fridge for up to 10 days. Tip: to keep them well drained, fold paper towel and place directly on the sprouts in the jar. Put the lid back on and refrigerate the jar upside down.

While most seeds and grains will sprout after a few days, this little cheat sheet has more details for successful sprouting!

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