True Local Spotlight on Sunshine Valley Farms

Meet Patrick Bartel of Sunshine Valley Farms. Located in beautiful Lister, BC, his family farm supplies organic and free range eggs to our Co-op and throughout the Kootenays. As third generation farmers, the Bartels bring experience and passion to their work every day and are major contributors in helping strengthen our local food supply.

Watch the video below to hear more of our conversation with Patrick, and see the processes that help bring eggs from his barn to our tables.

Special note: As you watch the video, you may wonder why you don’t see any footage of the beautiful hens that lay the eggs. Due to the current outbreak of Avian Flu in the province, Patrick + his family are working hard to ensure the health + safety of their flock which means that we weren’t able to get close to the hens themselves. We look forward to catching up with the hens next time!