A review on the house-made Cranberry Coffee Cake

Even though the name of this month’s “Cake to Be Savoured” is lengthy, like the cake itself, it is in no way pretentious. The “Wheat Free Sour Cream Cake with Cranberries” reads like its own recipe. There are no names like Ganache or Blanchard to drop when your company arrives. And you may see a few labored (dare I say patronizing) smiles when “the Coffee Cake” makes its initial debut. But think of when the rich and famous of London all drove around in colorful MINIs, or how impossibly beautiful people wear jeans with no knees. There is something ultra-significant about to take place because of a coffee cake.

First though, let me tell you that the WFSCWC has an interesting history. The recipe is the work of our very own Food Services Assistant Manager, Andrew Kent. Working in the more traditional format he inherited, Andrew performs that culinary magic that happens so often in our kitchen. I call it digestive inclusivity. Foodies, Organicoids, and Wheat Watchers are all on board with this creation, and that is like everyone agreeing on how to solve Nelson’s parking issues. Even the formula for creating a moist and tasty wheat free base was developed here at 777 Baker.

It is time. Plan your moves carefully. The important thing is to warm up this cake before serving it. The topping will become slightly crumbly, the centre will become slightly gooey, and those whole (non-dried) cranberries will get downright sassy. The aroma during the heating process will also tease your guests until trepidation is replaced by salivation. But you command their attention now, and you are going to make them wait.  That’s right, put on some water for coffee (it is a coffee cake, after all) or maybe a pot of Cream of Earl Grey Tea.

When the interplay of human and cake finally takes place, your guests will gush. Between gluttonous bites they will think of you as an innovator; someone who chose a simple yet substantial medium to leap over the social barriers of dessert. In a matter of minutes, fancy became ostentatious and basic became elegant. Your guests will forget their preconceptions and feel part of something fresh. They will laugh at themselves giddily as crumbs fall onto their stylish slacks. You will laugh at them as well … because you only paid $19.99 for the truly amazing Wheat Free Sour Cream Cake with Cranberries.


– Peter Vella (Sr. Grocery/Produce Clerk, Grocery/Produce)