Ymir, BC
6817 3 Avenue Ymir British Columbia V0G 2K0 CA

Jen Gawne of Wild Peach Preserves makes a truly unique line of True Local products – bone broth (and other preserves) infused with Chinese medicinal herbs. We already know how great bone broth is when you’re sick, but add some extra goodness to it and you’ll be on the mend in no time (plus it’s just delicious)!

Who makes Wild Peach Preserves?

Jen Gawne, R.TCM.H

(*psst, that means she’s a “Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist”) ~AKN

Where are you located?

Wild Horse Creek Road, Ymir, BC.

And what do you make?

Bone Broth and Jams and Preserves infused with herbs.

How would your describe your operation?

When I was getting clear on my business idea, the phrase ‘Handmade Medicine’ kept bouncing around my head. I realized that as an herbalist and cook, that is what I do…. I handmake nourishing food-medicine for my customers.

You’ve been in business for 3 years. What motivated you to start?

For years I worked as an herbalist at a Chinese medicine dispensary and enjoyed learning about the traditional culinary recipes that included herbal medicine. I have always been entrepreneurial at heart and saw how receptive my Chinese medicine clients were to healing foods that were also delicious so decided to market some of my products.

What are some of your greatest joys?

Being with my husband and son, enjoying a meal with friends, and the peace and beauty of where we live.

What are some of your greatest challenges?

Keeping afloat utilizing the “Kootenay mix” of different work opportunities, balancing work life demands with quality of life time.

We call that “the Kootenay Hustle” in my circle! Certainly keeps like interesting though! What’s your vision for your business?

I envision a small, sustainable company that provides an income for my family while allowing me time to garden, tend to my Chinese medicine practice and be present with my community.

And why is local food important to you?

Being part of creating an economy that allows us all to thrive in these mountains is important to me, so that means supporting local, eating local, sharing our skills locally and working together to keep it all afloat.

If you could deliver a message directly to Co-op members, what would it be?

Thank you for supporting local growers and producers; the trickle effect in the economy and therefore overall quality of life cannot be ignored. Thanks for making a life in the ‘Koots possible.

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