High quality…high priority!

The emphasis in the Grocery Department is on quality, wholesome, local and organic foods and products. Ensuring that we are providing our members with the best products at the best pricing is our highest priority!

Here, you’ll find row upon row of great staple foods like:

  • Dairy products and milk alternatives
  • Sauces, soups & seasonings
  • Oils, vinegars, condiments
  • Packaged beans, grains, pastas, rices, fruits, vegetables and mixes
  • Refrigerated and frozen fruits & veggies, prepared foods, specialty items and frozen treats
  • Ethnic cooking supplies
  • Specialty, allergy-free ingredients and supplies in a wide variety of products
  • Baby foods and health snacks for kids of all ages
  • Packaged and Ready to eat convenience foods
  • Earth-friendly cleaning and household supplies
  • Healthy snacks and treats, many sugar-free
  • Teas, coffees and all manner of beverages

Bulk Foods

Want to eat like royalty on a tight budget? Visit our bulk section!

Bulk foods gives our members and shoppers access to the best pricing and the best selection on hundreds of foods, including grains, rices, beans, seeds, pastas, dried fruits, flours, cereals, mixes, sweeteners, snacks and more.

Looking to support local? Find out about our True Local products and look for them at the Co-op!

Meet our Grocery & Bulk suppliers.

Read about our stringent Buying Guidelines.