Fresh, organic, local…and delicious!

When you walk in the doors of the Kootenay Co-op, we greet you with a rainbow of fresh, delicious and organic fruits and vegetables! Ever since we first opened our doors, we’ve been committed to providing organic, high quality, local and fair trade produce.  In fact, we were the first retail store in Canada to carry only certified organic produce and, during the local growing season, up to 90% of this department can be stocked with local produce!

Supporting local, organic growers not only strengthens our local economy but also ensures the produce we sell is as fresh and nutritious as it can be. That powerful triangle of member, Co-op and farmer means that many local organic growers can earn a living doing what they love. No small feat in these days of industrial food and “rock bottom prices”. In contrast, the Co-op pays a fair prices to our farmers and decreases our mark-up to make local fare as competitive as possible. Plus, we love to showcase our local produce in beautiful, prominent displays to ensure that their product sells fast while still fresh – so we can order more!

When produce is not available locally, we purchase from regional, sometimes Californian or other certified organic farms from further afield. You can be assured that the produce staff always works hard to bring you the freshest organic produce at the best possible price.

Our produce display is bountiful and beautiful because:

  • We sell fresh, local and organic fruits and veggies.
  • We support our local farmers with fair pricing and through ongoing mentoring, advocacy and collaboration.
  • We take pride in offering quality & freshness.

Looking to support local? Find out about our True Local products and look for them at the Co-op!

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